ScrewTurn Wiki Themes

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The visual appearance of ScrewTurn Wiki can be customized using so-called themes, i.e. a set of files (CSS, images, JavaScript) that define the aspect of the application in every detail. For details on how to create a new theme, please see the developers' documentation.

Pre-Installed Themes

ScrewTurn Wiki comes with three pre-installed themes, called Default, Default-v2 and Elegant. For information on how to use them in your wiki, please see the help section.

User-Contributed Themes

You can find a list of user-contributed themes at the dedicated page.


A theme is simply packaged in a directory containing the required files. In order to install a new theme, simple copy its directory in the Themes directory of the wiki web application. This folder should already contain three folders named Default and Default-v, which are the pre-installed themes, as the picture below shows.

The Themes directory