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DeveloperAaron G. Daisley-Harrison
Works withScrewTurn Wiki v5.0.x
Supported languages-

The ProtectedPlugin allows sections of a wiki page to be protected from view based on the user groups that the current user belongs to.

Markup supported by the ProtectedPlugin

<protected [ grant="group,group,..." ] [ deny="group,group,..." ] >

... any markup that you wish to protect


Placing a group in the deny attribute hides the protected markup from users belonging to those groups.

When you specify groups using the grant attribute, only users belonging to those groups can see the protected markup.

When the grant attribute is empty or not used, by default all users can see the protected content, and you must deny access by putting user groups in the deny attribute.

Note that group names are case sensitive!

This probably doesn't need stating but... Placing protection on a wiki page only makes sense if the wiki page itself is protected against viewing. If the users your are protecting the section from have edit permission on that page, then protected sections does not make sense. If user's without edit permission can view that page code, then protected sections are also not that useful.

It not allow certain users to see page content you must to the following:

  • Edit the namespace permission for the namespace you wish to protect.
  • Add the user group and deny that group permission to edit the page.
  • Under administration, on the configuration tab, uncheck the "Enable 'View Page Code' feature" option.


<protected deny="Anonymous">

The wiki markup contained in here cannot be seen by anonymous users.


<protected grant="Administrators">

The wiki markup contained in here can only be seen by users in the Administrators group.


<protected grant="Administrators,LeftHandedMonkeys" deny="GreenMonkeys">

The wiki markup contained in here can only be seen by users in the Administrators and LeftHandedMonkeys group, but any users also belonging to the GreenMonkeys group would be denied.



Licenced under the GNU General Public License V3. A complete copy of this license can be viewed here: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html

Release Notes

Сhanged under 5 version

1.1.0 Beta

Minor change to optomize the phase 3 processing done by this engine. Now phase 3 processing will only be done when a tag was present on the page in phase 2.

Side Projects

  • RESX Synchronizer allows to synchronize multi-language .resx files (used for the development of ScrewTurn Wiki).
  • Pixel Picker enables to pick the color of pixels on your screen — very handy for day-to-day graphics-related activities.