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The visual appearance of ScrewTurn Wiki can be customized entirely using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).


A theme is a set of files that define the appearance of ScrewTurn Wiki in every detail. Themes are packaged in directory, whose name is also the name of the theme. If you take a look at the Themes directory of ScrewTurn Wiki, you would find a structure similar to this:


All files with .CSS or .JS extensions are always sent to the browser. If a file is named Icon.ico, it is used as favicon.

CSS Naming Conventions

CSS Classes are always named with a full-lowercase name, for example a.imagelink.

CSS IDs are always names with a CamelCase name, for example MainDiv.

CSS Media Types

The CSS standard defines different media types. Each one specify a different target device, such as a PC screen, a PDA or a printer.
ScrewTurn Wiki supports different media types through a special naming convention of CSS files. If you want to specify that a CSS file is intended for the screen media type, just prepend to its name the label screen_. A complete list of available media types is reported here (names are not case-sensitive):

  • Screen, used for color computer screens
  • Print, used for printers
  • Handheld, used for low-resources devices like PDAs and mobile phones
  • Projection, used for projections
  • Tty, used for text-only terminals
  • Tv, used for TVs
  • Embossed, used for paged braille printers
  • Aural, used for speech synthesizers
  • Braille, used for braille tactile feedback devices
  • All, used for all the device types (same as not specifying any media type).

Note: media types are interpreted by the browser, thus the results may vary from browser to browser and from device to device.

Themes Reference

You can find a complete theming reference at this page.

Side Projects

  • RESX Synchronizer allows to synchronize multi-language .resx files (used for the development of ScrewTurn Wiki).
  • Pixel Picker enables to pick the color of pixels on your screen — very handy for day-to-day graphics-related activities.