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Missin pages
The Admin Home screen allows to perform the following tasks:
  • view what pages are missing (linked but not existent)
  • view what pages are orphan (not linked by any other page)
  • rebuild the page links graph (that allows to keep track of missing and orphan pages)
  • rebuild the search engine index (in case of corruption)
  • send an email message to all users of one or more groups

Rebuilding Links and Search Index

Rebuild the page links graph and search index might take some time, depending on the number of pages in your wiki. For this reason, we suggest you to increase the executionTimeout parameter in the "web.config" file to several hours, so that the rebuilding can be completed. If the operation times out, don't worry, simply increase the timeout and re-launch the operation.
Admin Home
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Side Projects

  • RESX Synchronizer allows to synchronize multi-language .resx files (used for the development of ScrewTurn Wiki).
  • Pixel Picker enables to pick the color of pixels on your screen — very handy for day-to-day graphics-related activities.