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To carry data from ScrewTurnWiki v.3, you need to unload data in buckup-file.

The export option is available since version Support Cyrillic since version You can download it here ScrewTurnWiki_3.0.5.640.zip

To carry all the content and settings from  ScrewTurnWiki, the inset Providers is  to be opened in  administrator panel and click  the button Export to export settings to file.

Providers (ScrewTurn Wiki)

Export (ScrewTurn Wiki)

Launch ScrewTurnWiki v5,  open inset  Import/Export  in administrator panel. In the  dropdown list  "Select the wiki you want to work with (import or export)" of "Import and Export Wiki-specific Data"  section choose  root. In the field "URL of the backup file (examples: 'http://server/data/wiki.zip' or 'file:///D:/Backup.zip')" type path to the file, that press button ImportData.

Import Data (ScrewTurn Wiki v5)

All data are to be imported in ScrewTurnWiki v5.

Side Projects

  • RESX Synchronizer allows to synchronize multi-language .resx files (used for the development of ScrewTurn Wiki).
  • Pixel Picker enables to pick the color of pixels on your screen — very handy for day-to-day graphics-related activities.