WikiMarkup Pictures Reference

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Only Name is required. Most images should use "[image:Name|left|medium|alt=Alt|Caption]". The other details are optional and can be placed in any order.

    "border", "frame" or "frameless". Put a small border around the image. Default - "frame".
    "right", "left" or "auto". Determine the horizontal placement of the image on the page. This defaults to "auto" for thumbnails.
    "small" or "medium" or "full" or "maxXXX". "small" = 100 px width, "medium" = 100 px width, "maxXXX" = XXX px by max size of pictures.  Default - "full".
    Link the image to a different resource, or to nothing. Must not be set for non-public domain images unless attribution is provided in some other fashion.
    Specify the alt text for the image. This is intended for visually impaired readers.
    Specify the image's caption.